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Military Relocations

If you are a part of our Canadian Armed Forces Military you will more than likely move more than once in your career. Military relocation is a fact of life and there are many details to consider relocating to a new community.

When buying - Audrey Abuan is a BGRS TPSP IRP Approved Service Provider to the DND Integrated Relocation Program and by connecting with her before your house hunting trip (HHT) Audrey will to provide a variety of resources to share with you to help facilitate your move making it as stress-free as possible! more...

When Selling - Audrey Abuan is a REALTOR® committed to providing transferring military members and thier families with service beyond their expectation. Audrey Abuan is an approved supplier to the DND and RCMP IRP program officially called the Brookfield Global Relocation Services (was called RLRS or Royal LePage Relocation Services), now known as Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Program. Whenever you are posted into or out of Edmonton area, her job is to make the move as stress free as possible! more...

Common Real Estate Questions & Answers

(When Buying and Selling with IRP Brookfield Global Relocation Program)

Question: I have my posting message but I haven't met with my Brookfield representative yet. Can I still list my house?

Answer: If you have received your posting message, the answer is yes! Sellers usually sell their homes at a higher price when they have more time. There is no problem listing or even selling your property before you meet with your Brookfield representative. Contact an approved IRP REALTOR®  for more details.


Question: I haven't sold my current house. Can I still go on my House Hunting Trip?

Answer: Maybe. If you are in a position to afford dual house payments, your current home has enough equity or your commanding officer has directed you too due to time factors. YES! If your current home is pending (has a conditional offer), it is best to wait until all of the conditions have been met. IRP Global Brookfield Relocations only pay for your first House Hunting Trip. A second one would be a personal expense..


Question: Can I use any Real Estate Agent to sell my house?

Answer: You can choose any REALTOR® from any Real Estate Company to list your home if they are registered as a 3rd party supplier. If you choose to use a real estate agent who is not familiar with the DND-RCMP Relocation Program, it may end up costing you money that is not allotted in one of your pockets.


Question: How much are and How do I pay for my real estate services?

Answer: All 3rd party suppliers have a written agreement with Brookfield Global Relocation Services outlying their fees which are paid for by Brookfield Global Relocation Services and have agreed to that fee. Each province varies in how much is allotted for a real estate agents fees. If you choose not to use a Real Estate Agent in the Brookfield TPSP directory, who charges a higher rate, the difference will be paid by you personally and this can be several thousand dollars more.


Question: How do I pay for my property inspection and legal fees?

Answer: All 3rd party suppliers including some lawyers and specific property inspectors have a written agreement with Brookfield Global Relocation Services outlying their fees which are paid for by Brookfield Global Relocation Services. If you choose not to use a proffessional in the Brookfield TPSP directory, who charges a higher rate, the difference will be paid by you personally.


Question: How many homes can I see on my House Hunting Trip (HHT)?

Answer: When buying a property, everyone house shops differently. With our Canadian Armed Forced clients, we will show you as many homes as you like until you find one! Start your house shopping here!


*NOTE* Effective December 1st, 2017. CAF Members pay their Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) directly. For more information on how this effects the sale of your current home and your House Hunting Trip, contact us today.

What is the relationship between DND and the Canadian Forces?

The activities of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence, like those of every other federal government organization, are carried out within a framework of legislation that is approved and overseen by Parliament.  In most respects, the Department of National Defence is an organization like other departments of government.  It is established by a statute – the National Defence Act – which sets out the Minister’s responsibilities, including the Minister’s responsibility for the Department and the Canadian Forces.

Under the law, the Canadian Forces are an entity separate and distinct from the Department.  As stated in the Act, the Department is headed by a Deputy Minister of National Defence, the Department’s senior civil servant, while the Canadian Forces are headed by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Canada’s senior serving officer. Both are responsible to the Minister.

The Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence have complementary roles to play in providing advice and support to the Minister of National Defence and in implementing the decisions of the Government on the defence of Canada and of Canadian interests at home and abroad. The separate authorities of the Deputy Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff give rise to different responsibilities. In broad terms:

The Deputy Minister has responsibility for policy, resources, interdepartmental coordination and international defence relations; and The Chief of the Defence Staff has responsibility for command, control and administration of the Canadian Forces and military strategy, plans and requirements. This also means relocating or posting Military members and their families throughout varies area across Canada including CFB Edmonton Garrison.

If you are posted to or from CFB Garrison (Steele Barracks) and are relocating to or from another military base. We would like to help make your relocation move a little less stressful and a little more fun. Contact us today!

About the Canadian Armed Forces Base Edmonton Garrison

CFB Edmonton is currently the headquarters of 3rd Canadian Division, the highest military authority in western Canada, and a number of brigade groups, including 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, the only Regular Force brigade group in the region. The base is situated at Steele Barracks just outside the city. The area formerly known as CFB Griesbach within the city itself is no longer operational, all buildings and land were sold and are no longer crown assets. The base as a collective is an important part of the community surrounding Edmonton and is home to some of the most prestigious and experienced units in the Canadian Military. The Edmonton Garrison, formally known as the "Steele Barracks" offers plenty of recreational facilities as well including an awesome fitness centre with a cardio/weight room, an Aquatics Centre, 4 squash courts, basketball, volleyball & 6 Badminton courts. There are 2 NHL sized hockey rinks, a golf & curling club (& yes they have beer there!) and plenty of outdoor facilities including 30 kms of running trails. There is also  both an Officers & Junior Rank's Mess, vehicle wash bays, post office and most important - There is a Tim Hortons on base!

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