Homes for Sale in Edmonton


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Homes for Sale in West Edmonton by District

Valley Zoo Area Homes

  The Valley Zoo area Includes homes in Crestwood, Laurier Heights, Parkview and Glenora. These properties are located on the west side of the Saskatchewan River from Groat Road to Whitemud Drive and offer amazing River Valley views. The Valley Zoo District encompasses the Edmonton Rowing Club, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Mikinnen Bike Trail. In this part of West Edmonton, you will find some of Edmonton's most expensive real estate.

West Edmonton Mall Area Homes


The West Edmonton Mall area includes properties in Summerlea, Terra Losa, Thorncliffe, La Perle, Belmead and Aldergrove, all located within a five minute commute to West Edmonton Mall for shopping and entertainment convenience. Purchasing a home in this part of West Edmonton is a great investment for first time buyers and young families who want to get into an affordable housing market and for investors looking for great rental properties.

Callingwood Area Homes


Includes properties in Callingwood North, Callingwood South, Lymburn and Ormsby Place. This is a perfect place to purchase a first home for active people with so many choices and affordabiltity. Callingwood Area homes are located on the south side of Whitemud Drive and offer several shopping ammenites including the famous Callingwood Farmers Market, convenient transit to West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton Library, Sports fields and the YMCA Recreation Center.

Lessard Area Homes


The Lessard area includes homes in Gariepy, Dechene, Donsdale, Wedgewood, Cameron Heights and Jamieson Place. This part of West Edmonton was made for the elite, are more expensive than the average West Edmonton Home and features some amazing houses which overlook the river valley and have several walking paths. Both Wedgewood and Cameron Height have only one access road to eliminates traffic.

Meadowlark Area Homes


Includes homes in Elmwood, Glenwood, Jasper Park, Lynnwood, Meadowlark Park, Sherwood, West Jasper Place and West Meadowlark Park which are located near the popular Meadowlark Shopping Centre. These homes are solid properties with larger back yards, hand constructed by carpenter trades in the 1950's, thus making every home a custom design. The Meadowlark area is also referred to as the "Jasper Place Area".

Patricia Heights Area Homes

  Includes properties in Rio Terrace, Oleskiw, Westridge, Patricia and Quesnell Heights. Also known as "Greater Jasper Place". The Patricia Heights area was originally Edmonton's West End elite community and offers many custom designed single family houses. Some of the houses can be found hidden within small acreages. The main feature of this district is the exclusive Country Club and Golf Course located along the river valley.

Lewis Estates Area Homes


Lewis Estates also known as Lewis Farms, includes properties in Breckenridge, Potter Greens, Rosenthal, Secord, Stewart Greens, Suder Greens and Webber Greens. Lewis Estates Area in West Edmonton is less than a ten minute commute to the River Cree Resort & Casino, West Edmonton Mall, the Misericordia Hospital and offers the luxury of walking to the Lewis Estate Golf Course. Here you will find many of our Edmontonion Baby Boomers.

The Grange Area Homes


Includes homes for sale in Granville, Hamptons and Glastonbury. A large portion of the Grange's ethnicity are Philipeno's, thus having awesome Catholic churches, nearby pinoy stores and restaurants. With the Grange having many young families building thier real estate dreams, the City of Edmonton has recently built two new schools. The Grange Area is very popular among young families and offer the traditional "Family Community Lifestyle"