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Homesteader is one of three neighbourhoods within the Hermitage plan area. In 1875, an Anglican minister, Canon William Newton, arrived in the Edmonton settlement and built his first church, a home, and a hospital in an area he called the Hermitage. The Hermitage was located about ten kilometres from Fort Edmonton on the south side of a ravine, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River to the east. Reverend Newton’s home remained there for more than 25 years.

Land development was held up during the 1960s while government officials and developers addressed concerns about residential development near the industrial plants. By 1970, these concerns were resolved, and Homesteader was included within the Hermitage Outline Plan area. Homesteader was the first of the three Hermitage neighbourhoods to begin residential development.


Homes in the southeast corner of the community access 50 Street via 127 Avenue. The residents of Homesteader are served by the businesses located on 50th Street and in the centrally located Hermitage Shopping Centre and Hermitage Plaza. Homesteader was named in honour of the men and women who pioneered settlement and agriculture in the Edmonton area.


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