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Selling with an IRP relocation specialist!

Helping make relocation moves fun and stress free!

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Selling when posted from the Edmonton Garrison

Audrey Abuan is an approved 3rd party supplier with IRP Global Brookfield Relocation Program and has many of Canadian Forces members and their families transfer quickly and effortlessly with her relocation real estate expertise.  When you are selling a home with DND, it's more diverse than most civilian moves and having a relocation real estate specialist on your side, can make the difference between selling and not selling.


When moving from CFB Edmonton Garrison, Audrey Abuan will:


  • Contact you to set up the best time for your pre-list consultation. If you are currently over seas, we can do this via Skype.
  • Refer you to another Real Estate Relocation REALTOR® Specialist (IRP Approved) at your posted destination who will also contact you to re-confirm your real estate needs and start your new home search for you prior to your arrival and pre-booked your property inspection (IRP Approved), This will allow you to free up some time on your HHT (House Hunting Trip).
  • Provide you with a complete market analysis of your current homes's value and provide a list of appraisers for your Brookfield Providers File.
  • Provide you, at no cost, listing your home on the MLS system and providing you with Audrey Abuan's "Exclusive Seller Services"
  • Maintain all IRP Real Estate monthly reports which will be sent to both you and your Brookfield representative.
  • Keep your Brookfield Approved REALTOR at your posted designation informed on the sale process of your home to ensure your moving dates are lined up properly.
  • Assist you with finding other IRP Brookfield Approved professionals (i.e. lawyers) as required.
  • Negotiate all offers to secure you, my client, the most amount of money.
  • Keep you up to date on the sale of your home, assist you in obtaining other relevant documents you may require.

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Monday, June 26, 2017 12:02:32 PM UTC
Audrey Abuan was awesome

Just wanted to say thank-you for all your hard work, in helping us sell our home.Your advice and direction made it all a breeze. Thank-you for the referral for a real estate agent in NB. Audrey Abuan was awesome. If we ever have to move back to Alberta we will be sure to give you a call. Thank-you again.

Richard and Julie C.

Orchards Area
Westmount Area
Enjoyable and stress free experience

I wanted to thank you for all your help Audrey. As a first time home buyer, you made my first house an enjoyable and stress free experience. Thank you for introducing me to Miranda Morrison (TMG Mortgages), James Campbell (Oliver Law House) and Dave Watson (Canadian Residential Inspections). They were great in assisting with the house buy. J. Atenzia  

Audrey kept in contact almost daily

Having Audrey representing us was the best thing we could have done!  The market was extremely shoppable, unpredictable, overloaded, and definitely a buyer’s market.

We started with a non-commission company which caused nothing but headaches due to mistake after mistake in every issue printed.  We then went with a friend which was an even bigger mistake because not only did it jeopardize our friendship but the regular things anyone would expect from their REALTOR, we did not receive. At this point we were in a crunch and desperate to sell.

Having interviewed Audrey we needed a professional who not only knew the business but would trust that he would do everything in her power to get our house SOLD!! And she did just a record-breaking 29 days!!  She were absolutely amazing. Audrey kept in contact almost daily, followed every lead and turned every stone. Audrey did Open Houses, virtual tour, and used her automated marketing system, but most importantly, offered experienced advice. Previously we had at least 70 different clients view our home with NO offers. We had a lovely home that was over 1700 sq ft and under two years old. 

We were extremely frustrated, both working full-time, tired of cleaning (especially with two girls aged 4 & 6) and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t selling. And then Audrey gently broke it to us. They suggested having a professional come in and stage our home so it would appeal to most buyers. Since, we had nothing to lose and we were really feeling the pressure, we took this advice. After grand reviews from other REALTORS, a few more showings, an offer that fell through, it sold within fourteen days.

Having Audrey representing us should have been our first choice but I guess we saved the best for last and we can’t thank them enough!!!

Ken & Sue K.